It also marks the, Panerai luminor marina 40mm sailing series wrist officially launched. In 2016, the 20th anniversary of the Athens table sailing series, the brand has broken through innovation again, Panerai luminor marina 40mm with a Grand Deck Panerai luminor marina 40mm, a history of the development of the brand’s brilliant nautical observatory, and the remarkable achievements of the tabulation.

Panerai luminor marina 40mm
Innovation leads the future for Panerai luminor marina 40mm
The precision clock, which has never been a fancy decoration, is a comprehensive result of precision manufacturing and cutting-edge technology. The Athens Panerai luminor marina 40mm  watch has been developing new technologies since the end of the last century, and in recent decades it has been the age of technology.
Athens is the first to use silicon TAB of the brand Panerai luminor marina 40mm, for hundreds of years, scientists, watchmaker has been looking for the ideal material and structure, in order to make the core institutions of the clock – escapement system, balance wheel balance spring system more precision and stability for Panerai luminor marina 40mm, to watch further enhance accuracy as well. Silicon material in the application of balance spring, escapement system, let this goal one step closer, silicon magnetic resistance, temperature resistance, seismic capacity, elastic all let it play a greater advantage in the mechanical clock, and, more importantly, with deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) technology, let silicon can make any desired shape, and has high precision, the silicon materials into balance spring, escapement wheel, escapement fork, etc. So far, the Athens watch has been used in the vast majority of self-produced cores.
For silicon material, diamond for Panerai luminor marina 40mm, in the further exploration of Athens table more pioneering developed a new patented technology – DIAMonSIL, we call it the “diamond” silicon