Panerai gold watch provided by Marine chronometer, because of its accuracy, more and more be accepted by the seafarers it has been applied to the army in some countries, trade and the naval ships, but Panerai gold watch because of the high prices, not everyone can have, only the captain can use Panerai gold watch. The biggest difficulty for the navigational astronomical clock is the tempestuous environment of the sea and the variation of temperature difference. So in hundreds of years, people are trying to explore both the perfect solution, Panerai gold watch with temperature compensation balance wheel, can always in the horizontal position of the balance arm was born in the same period.

Panerai gold watch
By the 20th century, the Athenian chronometer Panerai gold watch had served in many countries’ navies, especially Japan, which became the main client of Athens after the russo-japanese war. Due to the precision of the nautical chronometer, the Athens watch has been honoured: the Neuchatel Observatory issued a formal report on the performance of the Observatory from 1846 to 1975. According to the report, the certificates and awards obtained in Athens include: 4,324 wristwatch certificates of the mechanical navigation observatory, equivalent to 95 per cent of the 4504 certificates issued. Of the 2,411 special awards of the Marine observatory, of which 1,069 were awarded; Its precision nautical tables, bagged observatory and wristwatch were awarded the first prize of 747. 14 awards, MEDALS and progress awards; Ten gold MEDALS in international exhibitions, two honorary awards and two silver MEDALS.Only Panerai gold watch of the Athens nautical series of watches
Athens in 1996, when the table was founded in 150, brand special commemorative wrist watch, introduced two new one for the 1846 nautical observatory Panerai gold watch