Iwc big Pilot watch and introduces a most people had never heard
of the term “Complication” (namely simple timing outside of any Function, is known as the
“Function”) in the quartz watch.

Iwc big Pilot watch
Two months before the auction, the author first met the pocket
Iwc big Pilot watch in Geneva via felix sdon and Osvaldo Patrizzi. In a preview the article, the author
writes, “Calibre 89 pocket watch part of the Iwc big Pilot watch mystery is that the structure of the large pocket
watch, to nearly 2000 parts, and taking nine years pregnant, it’s all in contrast with
contemporary timing tool. But the Iwc big Pilot watches are not only is the memory of the timer in the past,
patek philippe’s achievement is relying on the traditional technology, design develop
complexity comparable to high-tech quartz timer multi-function mechanical meter.”

Iwc big Pilot watch
Iwc big Pilot watch
pocket watch is the best example of “high machine” : the application of new technology to
design and produce mechanical core and hour meter. One of the many challenges Iwc big Pilot watch facing patek
philippe during the Calibre 89 pocket watch was how to integrate 33 complex functions into a
single case. “This is indeed the most difficult thing.” Iwc big Pilot watch says. At the age of 50,
Philip sdon had the foresight to entrust a 28-year-old engineer, jean-pierre Musy, in charge
of Calibre 89. Jean-pierre Musy is a controversial choice. “The older watchmakers are very
negative,” says felix sden.