To show the natural beauty of rainbow with colored gemstones on the Dhgate watches ring, it is a great test of Dhgate watches brand strength and Mosaic technology. Therefore, dare to try the rainbow circle watch brand is not much, admission is “power players”. Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow, launched in 2018 by
centennial tech giant Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow, is limited to 50 pieces Dhgate watches, and is
currently out of stock. So this “true” rainbow, and with what in the fierce rainbow circle wrist watch
competition, kill a bloody road?

The level of appearance is a little different
In recent years, true power has reaped the hearts of its younger Cousins with its iconic hollow
mechanical look for DEFY. But can cool mechanics and opulent colored gems go together without a problem?
Therefore, last year when I heard that the real force will launch a rainbow circle wrist watch, I am
slightly suspicious of the appearance level of this watch. But after seeing the real thing, only “really
fragrant praise” can express my true feelings.
Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow limited Dhgate watches which combines mechanical and artistic power

First of all, the dial is also Defy’s cut-out design, which is also very mechanical. Dhgate watches ring
around the inlaid 2.26 carat /44 long ladder cut stones, according to the color gradient arrangement,
wear between the wrist to form a beautiful “rainbow circle.” Color treasure shines to attract eyeball,
highlighted the characteristic construction of hollow out movement instead. It’s worth mentioning that
I’ve heard about it before at Dhgate watches shows. Currently, all the gemstones embedded in the rainbow
circle watches are made of VVS pure and high-quality gemstones, that is to say, there is no difference in
the value of gemstones.
VVS clarity high quality rainbow stones
Case material, this watch has two versions, one is black ceramic and titanium metal. Black money is low-
key and coquetty do not break grace again, take in the hand cent feeling is dye-wood. Silver gray
titanium gold version I did not try it on, but the advantages of titanium metal material I think we all
know, the amount of light and hard, like more lightweight friends can try it on, will definitely feel
Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow limited edition – titanium

Although from the appearance, including 44 mm large dial, it seems to be more Dhgate watches online for men,
in fact, I have seen girls wearing Dhgate watches friends, handsome and delicate, the main thing is, very
flash on the right.
Female friends wear pictures

Here with you to share some stars wear and watch friends daily wear, like all with your own collocation,
but I think no matter how to match any clothes, this “mechanical rainbow” watch can always become the
whole body to wear the “finishing touch”.

Eason chan is set to appear in the evolution of time watch show – Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow limited
edition when wearing true power

Global brand spokesperson eason chan is wearing a black ceramic rainbow circle wristwatch, I think of his
“you think I am flamboyant”, brilliant but very reserved, with this “mechanical art” timepiece perfect
Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow limited edition wrist watch kwok attends the directors guild awards ceremony
on April 26, 2013

Jackson – Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow limited edition when wearing true power
This rainbow circle is also striking on the wrist of millennials, showing a more dynamic and fashionable

BBS watch friends wear

Selected two Dhgate watches friends wearing pictures, a cool, an elegant, each has its own.
The movement is also very different

But this rainbow ring can sell out of goods, in addition to the appearance of the level, it carries the
movement also gave the Dhgate watches friends full choice reasons.
There are two separate escapement systems: one for the time system and one for the timing system

As one of the four Dhgate watches factories of the true force, gimmicks and live, its own movement and
technical strength has been the foundation of its establishment. When it comes to technology, true force
watch friends will proudly raise their own wrist El Primero watch, after all, the world’s first
integrated automatic timing movement title is not for nothing.

Later, we knew that based on the original
El Primero movement with accuracy of 1/10 second, an El Primero 9004 automatic chain star speed movement
with accuracy of 1/100 second was developed. The second hand beats 100 times per second, which can be
called the “fastest” movement in the world. Dhgate watches sale is powered by this unique color.
It is worth mentioning that such a precise high-frequency movement, but also can achieve the hollow
style, is enough to prove the real force of the homemade movement of strong performance. In general,
there are only a handful of brands that can do this today, and true power is one of them.

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