When you wholesale rolex watches from DHgate Watches, you will see that the glass of the rolex watch is one section above the circle of the watch. Many years ago, when I first started buying watches, I also found that rolex’s glass was different from other watches. But it was a glass, after all, and a glance and a word passed.

I think a lot of brothers noticed that Dhgate watches  rolex’s glass was a bit higher than the watch.Until something happened, I finally knew why rolex had to lift the glass.

Dhgate watches  above circle, at first I wondered, also told friends that Dhgate watches don’t know why the glass is higher, the design is reasonable, easy cracking ah. Then one day, I wore a iwc (now think, all the nations back and forth I also bought several only, I really liked the look of the iwc), I didn’t notice it when I was walking, coupled with the nations of the watchess are big, put on the watches to watches. The watches is toughened glass, feel knock not too heavy, wait to raise a hand to look at the watch when, detection watch a few holes by knock. In order to show a large disk, the watch circle is very narrow and sharp. The broken watch circle is like a hole cut by a knife. I can’t fix that myself, and it hurts.


The world’s disk is large because the circle is narrow.

My friend dai wanguo also told me that his watch is also easy to break, leaving a hole. Later, I also further understand, I found that this knock is still light, is a gap. The Portuguese 7 that has brother dai, knock more heavy, affected dial. Because the watch ring knock into the disk after squeezing into the dial, and hurt the dial.

The meter also has a narrow circle

I think myself, before the feeling that wearing rolex also often knock, how did not leave the mouth? I looked at the work in my hands and found that there were few holes except for the number of scratches on the watch ring. Before seems to hear people say, rolex watch mirror is used to protect watches circle, I also don’t understand at the time, I really believe, rolex watches circle, higher than that of glass mirror is used to protect watches circle.

Big flight can see the narrow circle from this Angle.


The watch ring is the easiest place for a watch to break.

The easiest place for a watch to knock is the watch circle. The ones with outer rings are fine, especially now that the more advanced ones are made of ceramic rings. But a watch made of ordinary steel or gold will not work. The glass of watch lens of a lot of watch and watch a circle are basically a plane, so a knock is sure to knock to watch a circle first. Steel ring, gold ring are soft, a knock is easy to leave a hole. Rolex and circle the watches above the glass, ke will be into the glass, so we won’t be able to upon a watches circle (of course, in addition to the rolex several watches also is such, I get rolex a representative).


Some people will certainly say, do not knock on the watch circle, you are not afraid of the glass knock? Still really, the glass is not afraid of knock. Because everybody knows, the watch glass of high-grade watch now is sapphire glass, it is man-made sapphire. Diamonds have the highest hardness, diamonds have a mohs of 10, sapphires have the second highest mohs of 9, and steel has a mohs of about 6 (because different types of steel are slightly different).


Rolex’s raised glass protects the watch rings, especially dog teeth.

Some people will think, this number is not much worse? The reality is that the hardness difference between each of these Numbers is quite large, for example, diamonds are 10, sapphires are 9, and the difference between them is that diamonds are 100 times harder than sapphires. The gap between each level is a huge one. So sapphire glass is much harder than steel. Rolex usually knock on the sapphire glass, knock did not leave a trace. In particular, there are dog braces. Because the dog tooth of labor is golden circle, itself is soft, and the Angle is very sharp, knock is a cut. The sapphire glass that rises above the watch circle protects the dog’s teeth very well, not easy to knock on the dog’s teeth.


Rolex sports labor’s watch glass is also higher than a section.

Is everything OK with glass? That’s not true.

Rolex’s sky-high sapphire glass, which includes other watches that use this method, usually looks good, but the worst thing about rolex is that it hits the glass directly. Some brothers say, you are not above say sapphire glass is not afraid of knock? General small knock does not have a problem, but sometimes it is such an inch, do not know when to knock heavy, sapphire glass can also be broken. Because of this, I did it twice. One of the watchess is at 6, and the other is at 2.


A piece of rolex glass that has been knocked many times. The glass was broken and had to be replaced.

Steel shell, gold shell and what knock can be repaired basically, or oneself grind can make it less obvious. True knock heavy, knock glass, that can only change glass, have no repair. Is more expensive, the official actually a glass don’t have much money, more than 1000 pieces (green glass a glass is about more than 3000), but the authorities need to put the machine together to do maintenance in glass, because in the glass, machine core out, if you don’t wash oil is likely to be because into such reasons are not up to the standard of the original ash (is this kind of reason). If you do that, you’ll have to pay about 4,000 yuan for a glass and a core (green glass is more expensive).


We can see the prominent part of green glass, which is more expensive. The price is very high.

In the last few months, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been fixing my watch. There’s something wrong with this watch or that watch. Fortunately, the two watches that have been repaired recently are still under protection, which is quite lucky. So my brothers, no matter what kind of watch you wear, you can’t be too “willful” on your hands. (photo/family’s yanping of wrist-wrist watch)


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