It has often been well-known brand with prices in the more advanced dhgate watches style, especially the observatory dhgate watches (Chronometer), even ranked among the top dhgate watches of some brands also use it, just work more exquisite burnish, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, or replacement for K gold or white gold plate automatically.

And 2892 is all master clock recognized as one of the most excellent and sdhgate watches model ETA, with ring type balance wheel, 21 stone, two-way automatic chain, the vibration of 28800 times per hour, “spinner” eccentric screw, facilitate precise fine-tuning. Because the quality is good, as long as the slightly modified, can be transformed into a well-designed movement, even the recent hot OMEGA coaxial to longitudinal dhgate watches is also the plant on the basis of 2892 improved into 1120, again make modification of machine, in addition to the escapement system is different, how fast is the responsibility of the balance wheel inside two heavy screw to make adjustment, OMEGA number 2500, ruby number from 23 to 27, 1120 for more than four are respectively mounted on messenger, balance wheel and driving wheel (2). As for the time of the Athens watch (ULYSSE NARDIN), the planetarium of the trilogy, which is also known as the basic machine core of 2892, has become a super small and complicated astronomical watch, which is the greatest of the Athens dhgate watches.
More need to mention is OMEGA Cal 2500/2500 b/c 2500 movement, OMEGA coaxial movement is also on the basis of ETA2892A2 changes of masterpiece, with no card balance spring of coaxial escapement system to greatly extended, watch of wrist of wash oil coaxial do not produce higher precision, an experiment, let coaxial butterfly fly timing model of timing error – 12 hours after watching 1 second. Why are so many powerful watch factories unwilling to develop a simple, self-produced, simple three – pin machine? If you can’t go beyond the ETA2892A2 if you spend too much money on it, who wants to do it?
But there’s a downside to ETA2892A2, which is the upper chain efficiency problem, which is a priori problem with ETA2892A2, but it can be remedied by proper modification. For example, the OMEGA Cal 1120 is to change the three screws in the autotuo to the eccentric fixation, to change the shape of the autotopa, and move the center down. (OMEGA hippocampus)
2824 movement
Usually just contact dhgate watches dhgate watches, the earliest known or used to the movement of nothing more than ETA2824-2 and 7 s26 seiko, including ETA2824-2 not only stability, high accuracy, also has the function of hand refining, although so prices higher than Japan movement, but in terms of various aspects, is still a new choice to get started. Same with ETA ETA 7750 as a 2892 – A2, ETA is one of the triple gem (another 6497, 6498 series also has a catch-up momentum in recent years), but the price is low many, so many fake watch and the so-called Taiwan, Hong Kong tabulation, also adopts this movement, too the result of the flood, many people just hear ETA2824-2 a revulsion, and ignored his good nature.
If the ETA2892A2 is made for the high-end market, then the eta2824-2 is specifically designed to cater to the middle and low end of the market. The structure of eta2824-2 is slightly thicker than the ETA2892A2, which is simpler than the ETA2892A2, and three screws fixed to a single screw. Instead, the eta2824-2 has no shortage of inadequacies.
ETA2892A2 and eta2824-2 have dominated the Swiss auto-dhgate watches for more than half of the three pins, and ETA has more advantages in the fight against many self-produced cores. Actually structure ETA2892A2 and ETA2824-2 are carefully compared, the latter is a simplified, so here’s the cleverness of ETA – simplify simply will not need to keep improving, to reduce cost, to drive the price down. The ultimate purchase of the machine core depends entirely on the dhgate watches factory itself.
Compared with the higher level eta2824-2 and eta2892-a2, the performance of eta2824-2 is quite good. But design itself is a large number of production, more or less in the parts and the details of the substrate processing, also can appear to let a person of weakness, but because of their price positioning, so ETA 2824-2 are mostly appear in low price watches. Therefore, in the reasonable price, use ETA 2824-2 machine core, I think the watch fan will be very well, not just a criticism.

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