A word: Swiss machine core. The most famous is ETA 2892A2 for dhgate watches, which is used in many high-end watches. The ETA2824A2 is durable and has a high precision, and it is no more than 2892 after upgrading some parts. The disadvantage is a little thicker, the shuttle, the tituo likes to use this machine core.
7750 movement
In the history of the ETA, well core, dhgate watches ETA is – 7750, formerly known as Valjoux7750, belong to Valjoux company and one of the most famous timing system core, since Valjoux buyout by ETA, the classic Valjoux7750 will naturally renamed ETA – 7750.
Valjoux 7750 was published in 1974. It started with a 17 stone design. After the acquisition of ETA in the 1980s, there are few people who use the term Valjoux, unless it was used in the 1980s before it was acquired. The ETA 7750 was born on July 1, 1974, and became a proud machine of ETA. It has been used for many years in the automatic chain timing and complex functions of various brands. Standard 7750 with 17 rubies, energy storage, 42 hours at 28800 vibrations per hour, one-way chain design, use the same as the principle of eccentric screw pointer fine-tuning device with calibration instructions, eli fine-tuning operations. Some say the ETA-7750 is a rotten wood. I don’t know why, but it may be a little bit more in terms of craftsmanship, but one thing is the same: simple is also durable, and durable is reliable. The ETA-7750 is such a timing machine.
The ETA-7750 is a one-way chain, and I don’t know why dhgate watches hasn’t changed it in both directions. There were a few friends who discussed it, and concluded that “one direction has higher chain efficiency than the two-way.” Until now, the theoretical basis for this conclusion has not been understood. In fact, the problem of the low efficiency of ETA-7750 is well known. Sometimes it’s a good thing to get new, but it’s a little awkward.
What’s the easiest way to identify ETA-7750? At 6 o ‘clock, 9 o ‘clock, 99 per cent of the 12 o ‘clock position is ETA minus 7750, but this can’t be reversed, if a dhgate watches is not 6, 9 o ‘clock, 12 o ‘clock, you can’t say 99% is not ETA- 7750. It’s like “transformers,” and it’s not just about durability, it’s about change. From two small plates to three small plates to four small plates, you can change from ETA to 7750. Just like the dhgate watches was changed to 6, and timed at 12.
2892 movement
Once some friends are arguing about a question, who is the best automatic machine? There were a lot of options, and ended up on two pieces of the machine: Rolex Cal, 3135 and ETA2892A2. You can’t deny Rolex Cal, 3135 strong and sdhgate watches, if you reduce the size of 3135 to ETA2892A2, who’s better? In such a size, it is of course the ETA2892A2 automatic core.
ETA2892A2 is used by most of today’s premium brands, including IWC, OMEGA and LONGINES. Among them, dhgate watches the ETA2892A2 in its Aquatimer diving watch. The dhgate watches not only increased the grinding of the splint, but also changed the size of the wheel, dhgate watches changed the spring wire, and let it pass the observatory certification. In fact, the quality of ETA2892A2, even if it is not polished by a large factory, can only be used with the aid of ordinary teaching equipment, which is definitely a small matter.

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