In fact, this topic, have already is not new thing, a few years ago, in the BBS have very direct discussion, but now in the sale of DHgate watches, and even the new DHgate watches, still often have this kind of situation, a lot of DHgate watches friends also don’t know, so I with limited knowledge, and we discuss the big DHgate watches small core problem.

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A DHgate watches friend’s own DHgate watches is just for the brand
In fact is not a modern large DHgate watches small core TAB to appear a phenomenon, also had had before, but not so obvious, but why now more and more obvious, and even sometimes do is too much? The reason is very simple, one is the change of the modern aesthetic, lead to DHgate watches the casing do bigger and bigger, classic male DHgate watches size is 35 mm or so before, now want to 38 mm, female DHgate watches classic around 26 to 30 mm size in the past, now want to 32-35 mm, in addition to the classic size, now common man of large size wrist, has reached the 42-48 mm. Another reason is that the pace of the new machine has not kept pace with its size. The combination of these two reasons, we can see that the surface of the case is larger, but the core is not so large that the size of the surface is much larger than the size of the core, so it becomes a large scale.
So why doesn’t the brand make the machine big enough to fit the size of the case? Although reason is very simple, same brand continuously follow up trend, some larger DHgate watches, but to make the brand to give up some of the past achievements, to develop new movement, to comply with the larger DHgate watchescase size, now it is not realistic. And we know that each brand, there are a few main machine core, the basis of complex function often by these basic movement development, the basic movement need to meet the needs of brand most of the wrist DHgate watches, including the classic size and large case size. These movement often after years of evolution and market test, have already established, but new research and development of a movement, it requires research and development cost, time cost, it is very huge, and this is why, DHgate watches can be new each year, but the basis of a new machine, need five or even 10 years to complete. Once you begin using the new machine, means replacing the original production line, training employees new production technology, a large number of internal testing, and a lot of marketing investment, it is a big risk investment, so the brand tend to be extremely cautious. Another reason, I think we also have deep feelings, that is the basic movement of the mechanical structure, form have hundreds of years, want to innovative design movement the basis of a different from before, is not easy.
The shell core ratio is very moderate
But it’s worth a bit of excitement is, senior brand for beauty, often far more than ordinary friends, they also know that a large size of the wrist, with a relatively small machine core size, redo trainspotter, was not beautiful, so we can see, now the new homemade machine core, tend to have relatively larger size. Vacheron constantin two years before the world with a new series, and applied to the movement of the new research and development, of which 5100 junior needle movement, on the basis of 30.6 mm in diameter, 5200 for automatic timing movement, same as 30.6 mm in diameter, and the original FP1185 based 1137 automatic timing movement, the diameter is 26.2 mm, but the new and the old, the diameter of the DHgate watches does not change, new movement for a circle, shell core proportion is more harmonious and more beautiful. Because of this, the new world is permeable, and the old money is dense. Abby is a brand, I don’t understand, in fact, in the advanced TAB, the royal oak audemars timepieces, big DHgate watches is often referred to as a small core, Abby’s royal oak timing wrist DHgate watches main type is 26331, using the same FP 1185 Abby based on 2385 automatic timing chain machine, 26.2 mm in diameter, DHgate watches of wrist of 41 mm in diameter, and audemars royal oak offshore timepieces have several kinds, DHgate watches size 42 mm, there are 44 mm, but carrying produced stopDHgate watches 3126/3840 Caliber, machine core diameter 29.92 mm, 44 mm case will show small.
So where is the worst-hit area of the big DHgate watches? Actually is some little or no produced machine core, the vast majority of movement using ETA or SW movement brand, in order to cater to large DHgate watches trend, but there is no matching movement, therefore can only use the general movement, to hold big case. We know that the mainstream use of a few ETA movement, or SW movement, such as the diameter of the 2824 and 2892 is 25.6 mm, SW movement with the same size, as a result of this movement is the development of the s of the last century 60 s, when the classic wrist size is 36 mm, so use this movement is just right, but if the machine, used in today’s 42 or 44 mm DHgate watchescase, will show small. Of course, many brands know this, so they often use the design of the secret base, so it doesn’t matter if you can’t see it. It’s more beautiful to have some patterns on the bottom cover, which is also a way. But in order to show the process, there will be some brands to make the bottom design, especially the large size of sports, so you can feel its innings.
The ratio of the machine core to the case is very harmonious
More than a few movement, of course, with case within 42 mm, is more appropriate, but really unbearable, is the female DHgate watches movement, in the large size DHgate watches, really let some people. 2671, is a typical representative of the ETA movement only 17.2 mm in diameter, has been used in more than 35 mm DHgate watchescase, let a person see the destroyed through the specific brand inconvenience much said, you see would be shocked if the “lucky”.
The core of the universal Portuguese 7 is very full, after all, there is a huge demand for the clockwork space
However, the case of big DHgate watches small core is not to say that it is not good quality, it merely affects the aesthetic feeling of the balance of the mechanical DHgate watches, a little horse cart. While the big movement wrist DHgate watches, often with a strong visual impact, such as the seventh chain of nations and movement of 37 mm size, and the DHgate watches size is 42 mm, let people see a very enjoyable. Langge also has some of the core, sizes up to 30 mm, and the diameter of the case is only 40 mm, which looks very addictive.
Will that change in the future? I think this is a long-term process, and now the brand is divided into two categories, one is the brand with the ability to produce the products, one is the brand that relies on the supplier to provide the core. The brand that has the capacity of self-production, now is gradually replacing the original basic machine core, the new machine core, often will take into consideration this problem, so the situation is improving. And use the general machine core brands, now as long as don’t maintain DHgate watchescase size continues to expand, so this problem is not outstanding, but it is not recommended to continue expanding DHgate watchescase size, although be a bottom to see, but also there are open. Now needs to solve one problem is that who can provide general large size machine, used for big case, for now, DHgate watches the tide is unlikely to go back to do small size, manual machine 6497/6498 ETA can meet, of course, but there is automatic movement seems to lack.

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