Although I am interested in the technology, details, historical evolution and model inheritance of the dhgate watches, it is ok to look at it.the most I care about is the price of the dhgate watches. A dhgate watches, which is ready to change in a year and a half, so I don’t talk about the price. After all, we have to decide what to buy.

dhgate watches dhgate watches

Rich and rich have money play method, have no money to have no money to play the law, spend as little as possible, buy the dhgate watches of the interest, it is each of us buy dhgate watches person’s “wish”. So I’d like to give you a rough idea of what I know about the discounts I’ve been offering. It contains new dhgate watcheses, used, recycled, and everyone’s situation is different, just give you a reference, brothers please adjust to local conditions.
The brand new nigger is also up now, and there are different prices on the market, which are due to the higher prices and different sources of supply.
Before I start, I still want to emphasize that there is no perfect beauty in the world. It is the most guaranteed way to buy a dhgate watches in a domestic store. In addition, due to dhgate watches source is different, the price difference is very big, now has a new calendar nigger, for example, prices have respectively, 62000, 60000, 58000, 60000, these prices we all can see, this is also caused by primary level price and different sources of supply. Now, what I’m talking about is just the most conventional case.
Many of us go to Hong Kong to buy things, and feel that Hong Kong is cheap to buy. Usually we feel that buying luxury goods in Hong Kong has some advantages, one is the exchange rate; Second, some bags and dhgate watcheses are less common in Hong Kong than in mainland China. Three is the discount. In this way, the low price of Hong Kong, and then the discount and exchange rate, is equal to the discount, which is our general impression of Hong Kong.
The price advantage of the Hong Kong bank is now not obvious.
Because I contact most at ordinary times is dhgate watcheses and handbags, in the process of buy package watches, I gradually found that the advantages of Hong Kong luxury in gradually decline, in other words, the Hong Kong things don’t feel cheap. The reason for this is that some brands have promoted the price of the Hong Kong dhgate watcheses in the promotion of “mainland and Hong Kong prices”. On the mainland’s list of 100,000 yuan, Hong Kong’s official price is hk $120, 000. Add in the exchange rate of Hong Kong dollar, the advantage is small. Normally, you can buy a Hong Kong watches at a regular watches store in Hong Kong. The regular model can be discounted at 85 percent, and the dhgate watches can be about 75 percent off, and then the exchange rate of the same day, which is the discount. If the exchange rate was 0.9, the rough calculation would be 0.75×0.9 = 0.68 (except for rolex’s hot type). For the brothers who are familiar with the dhgate watches, this price can be calculated, and it can be done (many watchess have higher public prices than the mainland, please note). In addition, many dhgate watcheses in Hong Kong have been sold to Japan, leading to shortages of some popular dhgate watcheses.
Now it is Europe that stands in stark contrast to Hong Kong. Luxury prices in Europe are lower than in Hong Kong.
The price of the European bank is cheaper than that of Hong Kong.
My wife told me two days ago that I was impressed by burberry’s scarf, which is a thousand cheaper than in Asia. The same is true of dhgate watcheses, which are cheaper in Europe than in Hong Kong. Because many of the European dhgate watcheses are sent to Hong Kong, I will give you an example in Hong Kong dollars. OuHang basic about 7 fold discount (or more lower, at 6 o ‘clock several fold), OuHang is equal to the price of Hong Kong is very x Hong Kong currency x0.7, algorithm, by the Hong Kong exchange rate 0.9 above is x0.7 equals 0.63, and 0.9 is much cheaper than Hong Kong. So now a lot of people go to Europe to buy things, or to find daigou or something like that, and European luxury goods have a much bigger price advantage now. In addition, because European foreigner aesthetic and our domestic aesthetic is not the same, some of our domestic very fire handbags, dhgate watcheses, don’t fire in Europe, so domestic fry, Europe can easily buy instead.
The second-hand price of the green ghost is close to the public price.
Second-hand discount
A lot of brothers feel used water depth, actually play time long, we will discover, actually secondhand market also is very regular. There are three kinds of dhgate watcheses in the secondary market. The first is the hot list, the second is the regular watches, and the third is the cold one. The list of popular and cold ones is very small, because the watches of fire is the few, and the watches of cold door is not bought by nobody, so few people sell it. The conventional dhgate watches, which accounts for a huge proportion of the market, has a relatively regular price, which is roughly 50% off the domestic price (many will be lower). Different accessories, different products will fluctuate up and down. Popular dhgate watcheses are more expensive, such as rolex green and ditong, which are close to the public price. Cold door dhgate watches is more expensive watches spreads bigger, the second-hand price of some cold door dhgate watches even only the price of public price 2 fold.
The second-hand price of a mainstream brand dhgate watches is basically 50% off the price.
Recycling discount
I think a lot of the brothers know about it, buy a lot of brothers, the situation in the world, the secondary market, are always staring at. Now, what I’m going to say is interesting. The recycling discount, or your dhgate watches, is too tired to give it to a second-hand dealer or pawnbroker. The recycling price of dhgate watcheses is relatively low. After all, it is important to set aside profit margins for those who do secondhand business. Usually a brother takes a dhgate watches to ask “want to change a new dhgate watches, this dhgate watches how much money can be paid?” Let me give you an example of how you feel. The price of a dhgate watches with a public price of more than 100,000 yuan is about 36,000 yuan, which is basically more than three percent. Because different watches popularity is different, the popular watches recycling price will be higher, rolex can reach up and down. A super-fire dhgate watches like the green ghost, which costs 70,000, and recycles more than 60, 000 (because the green ghost dhgate watches is now overpriced). Many of my brothers around me bought their dhgate watcheses from the store. When they wanted to change watchess, they considered the previous watchess and found that the recovery price was only 3 percent off, so low that it was totally unaccepwatches. So I’m going to write this up today, to have a brother who hasn’t had a similar experience, and to have a mental preparation.

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