In early 1999, through a friend introduction to see Mr. Zhong yong Lin’s editor-in-chief of “the new knowledge of the famous dhgate watches“, fang knows that there are such beautiful magazines in the Chinese circle. In June of the same year, I got in touch with Mr. Zhong, and on the 4th of September, I visited Mr. Zhong’s office on the occasion of the exchange of the taixing coin of the golden holiday inn in Tsim Sha Tsui.

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Near a typhoon in Hong Kong after that day, the heavy rain, that Mr Zhong may afternoon around 2 o ‘clock by telephone to the company, so I 2 PM to the wei state business center, first met miss huang yinyin, she is the editorial director of the journal watch new knowledge, young and lively, smart, considerate, I see the watch new knowledge to be able to sell well in one of the reasons. Unfortunately, Mr. Zhong was unable to come, and miss huang introduced me to several dhgate watches stores. I can finally get a good look in Hong Kong.
Unlike Japan, Hong Kong’s pawn shops do not sell the pawn expired, so in hopes of pawn shops to buy watches, pawn line thing is real, and there are many disappear on the market for many years. At the same time, the size of the two watch shops is small, and there is no second-hand shop like the Best of Japan, which sells tens of thousands of watches.
Hong Kong’s new watch shop, on the other hand, but can give you a discount, and discount rate is bigger, up to 50% cheaper, unlike Japan’s new watch shop not only can’t discount, and even a 5% consumption tax is not free. This may be one of the reasons for the difficulty of the watch shop. On line, 481 hennessy road, Swiss watch co., LTD., I saw a hollow out of all of the large gold royal oak, the clerk can decide price is hk $120000, almost 3/5 of the original price, sincerely want to buy, consult with an manager can also, the price of the new dhgate watches, it’s stunning.
Patek philippe 3998
Two watch shop in Hong Kong, completely different landscape, mostly in the face of antique shops, in the city of Canton road, Tsim Sha Tsui harbor have a second-hand shop called “OLD” (the GOOD OLD DAYS), there are a few GOOD dhgate watchess. At the store I bought a patek philippe in the 1970 s, sold for hk $27000, the boss is very warm, walking also took me to a nearby place called treasure antiques on the high-quality goods “, also bought a “universe” of the 1950 s. Although the color is not very good, but the dial is very unique, sold for hk $10,000. The trip was fruitful, but the size of “Tim” was significantly less than “the year of the year”.
Coin exchange conference also have a watch, to account for around 25% of all exhibits, clinch a deal is also very enthusiastically, in a gene called “ancient hui chronometer” exhibitors, saw a piece of gold double calendar lock rolex, characterized by dial is very strange, bidding for hk $65000, hesitated for a while, or being bought, still was puzzled by the dial. In the same year on September 1, in the hands of an American bought a piece of ultra-thin vacheron constantin, hand-made by strap to match after 18 k gold, price is $2700, for $2000, it is a pity that after back to tianjin, friends find dial is renovated, the americans hired a Chinese translation, not sure dial refurbished or not, the meaning of also did not show, but I believe, only 5 cent coin thick movement is a gourmet is no doubt about it.
On September 2, near the holiday inn golden mile to find a place called “treasure Lin watches and clocks, this shop is very strange, all the watches have a kind of wild, extremely rich people like to boast about, this dhgate watches in Tokyo also can meet with one or two, occasionally a shop is full of the dhgate watches, it is hard to imagine. ‘the Middle East’s rich love this kind of watch,’ says owner xu yu. The store’s customers are rich in the Middle East, and I finally know the truth that there is a reason for existence. Macau watch shop, concentrated near the hotel lisboa, most is the nature of pawn shops, there are three characteristics: first, full gold rolex is Tokyo 2 thirty percent cheaper, and indicate the ways, installed, usually, such as writing “18 k gold”, for more after the belt, the real thing is to write “original”, some watch case and band are not original, the price is 17000 Hong Kong dollars, only suits the stuff 9 into a new hk $18238 for 50000 ~ 60000, Tokyo is hk $70000 ~ 80000. Second, there are more advanced dhgate watchess, fewer mid-range dhgate watchess, and no lower dhgate watchess. This is not the same as Tokyo. Third, chipper and zenda are more well-known than the U.S. and Japan.
Rolex 18238
In the market of changxing watch in the huangyan building, the author purchased a patek philippe 3998. Ben is looking at Abby, accidentally asked: “do you have patek philippe?” The female boss casually say: “just have one oh”. I want to get a look, it was three years ago in a book published in Shanghai automatically posted on the calendar 399800 da feili, slightly shaking, flat to hand, immediately feel a kind of energy to the whole hand shaking, the exquisite moving tuo, PP tremor. About female boss at that time careless, accidentally called out of hk $29000, I was given back to the price of 24000 yuan, clinch a deal by mutual concession of hk $26000, is a big harvest, I in Macao in several other shop see PP is hk $40000 or so (PP has now expanded several times).
Compared to other dhgate watches fan, actually I don’t understand the dhgate watches, went to Mr Kiu tai yu’s shop in Hong Kong, how also didn’t understand what is the difference between the tourbillon and caruso, just feel Mr Kiu tai yu pursuit of process more than the pursuit of business to the shop. Watches in the store is not much, and think too different, and the next day, after he met Mr Oba told me, “Ming pao, published his deeds length nearly a version, described his watch of research experience and achievements. I went downstairs immediately, bought a newspaper, and read it late. There was a dispute between the President of the university of Hong Kong and the assistant of the university of Hong Kong, which made me feel very strange about the issue of a school.
The author and other list fans may be the pursuit of the beauty of brand, shape, texture and text. Recently, I bought a piece of jiang’s poem, and I didn’t want to change it for a week, which is probably what Mr. Zhong said was the right thing for me. I’m a psychiatrist, and I’m sure I won’t be implied by Mr. Zhong’s remarks, but other watches don’t make me want to wear the same charm for a week, even the PP’s 3998. In fact, in addition to that magical feeling of shock, and its output, the nobility of taste is hard to be seen and heard.
Trip to Hong Kong and Macao, because Mr Zhong, miss huang’s attention, “into the door”, to appreciate the jigsaw, really is a land of opportunity, if the dhgate watches fans to watch the city of Hong Kong and Macao in the dhgate watches, that’s a shame. What was the experience of buying a watch in Hong Kong and Macao 20 years ago?

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