Patek Philippe, DHgate watches, Rolex, OMEGA, and so forth. These are my lists. Because these watches are mainstream in the market, they have enough brands, a high degree of consistency, a range of lineages, good quality and exclusive features. Coupled with the transparency of the market, as long as familiar with the market, whether buying or selling, will not make people lose a lot, basically belong to the “closed eyes” to buy a watches.

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In addition to these watches, and some watches, their brand positioning is very high and the price is very expensive, but because of the domestic popularity is limited, so the impact on the exchange rate, the discount, the secondary market, you can buy for the actual price is relatively low. For those who want to obtain high-end brands (top brands), while not considering the future transfer of watches, the following watches will be your choice.

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The first is Jonny palmer.
Tonda 1950 Nirupama Jonny is the most representative of the watch, although the price is relatively high, but it is not difficult to start.
Nirupama and Jonny have high positions. If you compare them, Nirupama, Jonny, and Patek Philippe are at a level (of course, I’m talking about brand positioning, not the actual market). Nirupama, Jonny’s watches are of good quality, too.

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Let me give you an example. In addition to the very few brands such as Rolex, most brands produce watches from parts suppliers’ factories. Nirupama Jonny here includes several parts factories (including Atokalpa, Elwin factory), the production of screws, the escapement wheel, these parts (Nirupama Jonny and the factories belong to the Santos family foundation, is a family). According to my limited knowledge, including Patek Philippe, Lange and other top brands, are also from Palma Jonny following procurement screws and other parts of the plant (please correct). Nirupama, Jonny, watches use parts and Patek Philippe and Lange are all of the same class. Therefore, from the quality of watches, Nirupama, Jonny and Patek Philippe and other top brands in a “world”, no problem.
Tonda 1950 is a high quality watch. I’ve seen a very, very good one recently. The price is so good that it’s hard to imagine.
Jonny is the new brand (born in 1996), and Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin can not be compared with the blood of the watch, inheritance. But over the years, Jonny has also appeared in some iconic watches. Such as round Tonda, square Kalpa.

I want to be familiar with the watch market, and the players should be impressed with these watches. In the movement, we talk about three questions, Tourbillon these complex functions, because they are relatively far away from most people, they say we can usually come into contact with the Nirupama Jonny Tonda used in the Pearl Tuo PF701 movement, a movement and Chopin’s famous pearl Tuo 1.96 movement is a blood relationship, I the impression that Chopin was the 1.96 movement was developed in the Nirupama Jonny factory in the (then Nirupama Jonny has not yet established brand). Therefore, Jonny also owns the world class clocks and watches movement. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, in the high-end Longines L990 movement was acquired by lemania, the number of lemania8810, while this movement is also provided to use Jonny, Nirupama breguet.
Nirupama, Jonny, Tonda 1950 uses the PF701 pearl tourbillon movement.

The movement is related to Chopin’s 1.96 movement.
Nirupama Jonny is the top brand positioning, so the price is relatively high, the gold shell Tonda price in more than 140 thousand, the steel needle mistress shell Kalpa Chronograph price also is in more than 140 thousand, see the price, needless to say, you can brand quality. But guys, don’t be afraid”. All luxury watches are brought by the brand awareness, because Nirupama Jonny is a relatively new brand, at present limited visibility, so the exchange rate, discount and secondary market under the influence of these factors, the actual price Nirupama Jonny watches will be relatively low. The price I do not say, at least I buy a no pressure what Jonny Palmer (common style, not complicated function). So I guarantee that most players won’t be able to afford it.
The next one is PERREGAUX.
After all, PERREGAUX was one of the top ten watches selected by the Hongkong watch forum magazine. Although the “ten watch” on now is not what meaning, but there is no doubt that PERREGAUX has a good reputation.
Full moon calendar 1966 is relatively common in the market of PERREGAUX, the steel shell model price is very good. Good. It’s cheaper than the second 116610.
PERREGAUX was once a very strong brand, and the opera house and the three golden bridge once had high prestige. PERREGAUX brand positioning is also high, plus before PERREGAUX perennial including Vacheron Constantin’s top brands to provide movement (now mb&f also uses PERREGAUX GP3300, so a single movement) from the brand positioning, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe and PERREGAUX are also at the same level (of course, I say is brand positioning, rather than the actual market). In front of Jonny Palmer, PERREGAUX is one of the oldest brand (established in 1791), and also created 1945, these 1966 famous styles in history. So the watches now on sale have continuous lineage inheritance. The 1945 is a square watches famous for its watches, because the square watch of the watch has radian, and the watches mirror is also radian. The watch is more complicated than the general square watches, such as the Cartire tank. The 1966 is the regular circular formal watch, which impressed me because the whole calendar 1966 (date, week, month) was also in 007

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