Rolex held a preview of “2017 Basel Rolex new products exhibition” in “Shanghai World Expo”. This is also in Basel after the show, Rolex new products in the domestic and close friends contact a centralized display.Would you like to wholesale rolex watches from ¬†Shanghai after the activity began, many Beijing watches to ask: “Beijing Youfa whether there is such a new Rolex exhibition?” The answer, of course, is “yes.”!” In 2017 June 24th, the Xidan World Shopping Mall, Beijing Geely world watch center, joined the famous Swiss watch brand Rolex held a new tasting. By then, the new Rolex oyster perpetual sea in Basel this year, the oyster perpetual SKY-DWELLER (Skywalker) and the moon will appear Chiellini watch them. Interested friends, you can go and have a look. Due to the appointment of the number of transfinite, the registration has ended, if you want to appreciate Rolex new products at close range, you can pay attention to the new listing after we follow the reports.

Rolex Sea style series 126600 watches
The first use of a magnifying glass, a single calendar scarlet series marked the Xinhai, by virtue of the two highlights of this year to become the Basel Watch Fair in the new brand explosion models, again the legendary sea type meter to a new height. To 43 mm fine steel watchcase and 3235 type movement once again interpretation, became the strongest voice this year, one of the new Rolex.
Rolex cut 50535 watches
Only a short while ago, the style is different from the traditional design of Rolex Cerini, attracted my attention. This year, the brand has added a new phase for the Cellini meter series, Rolex for the first time in recent years will be placed on the phase function on the new watch dial design. The blue enamel moon phase, the moon goes in to dial on the full moon meteorite material, natural radian smooth, present a distinctive and unique beauty.

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Rolex SKY-DWELLER series 326933 Watch
With the calendar and the two functions, Rolex SKY-DWELLER series brand watches become complex headed huadan. This year, a change in the previous year all gold watchcase design, to the “gold” and “steel” appeared in front of watch lovers. Put some luxury and publicity, to become even more delicate, hard. Like the previous Skywalker, the new model still has a number of brand patents, displaying Rolex’s superb brand, technology and full content. In addition, although the structure is complex, but the operation is simple, and everywhere shows the classic brand quality and style.
Rolex diary type 279160 Watch
Women’s log type 28 watch, retained the Rolex oyster perpetual design aesthetic elements, with pink dial, stainless steel case is full of charming and exquisite quality of female wrist watch. The pink dial is easier to identify, making it easier to read. The 12 time position is made of long-lasting lustrous 18ct Gold, which gives the unique brand charm of the watch.

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