If from the point of view of Bo eye, obviously Rolex, OMEGA, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin watches are my best choice. But some of the recent performance of Dhgate watches, let me be blind, completely indifferent. So the original plan and to explore the content, I decided to postpone for two days, we have to look at the Dhgate watches. In a recent auction market, we can clearly see that some Dhgate watches’s valuation, transaction price is rising (when not renamed Dhgate watches Dhgate watches). Even the Dhgate watches Chronograph valuation has reached the level of Paul Newman Rolex, surprising. Therefore, I want to do today, is for you to show the value of game player rising Dhgate watches chronograph. The rising value of the collection will lead to an increase in the sale of watches, reputation and status, and the copy of these watches have been made.

Such as watch Monaco, Calera, is the most popular Dhgate watches in the market model. In the auction market, the hot Dhgate watches Chronograph (the prefix of this period Dhgate watches with no TAG) and we are not to be found in the market model, but for a long time, there has been no re launched the modern version of the Autavia Dhgate watches Chronograph (Dhgate watches this year launched a copy of Autavia, I after the talks).

rolex watches

First generation Autavia disk
Numbers are always the most intuitive. Let’s look at a few numbers first.
“The first use of the Dhgate watches Autavia on behalf of the disc and the second generation pointer” version, valuation of HK $650 thousand to HK $850 thousand, about 570 thousand yuan to 740 thousand yuan.
Dhgate watches Autavia “second generation”, the valuation of HK $160 thousand to HK $240 thousand, about 140 thousand yuan to 210 thousand yuan, and ultimately to Hong Kong dollars turnover of 200 thousand yuan, about 170 thousand yuan.
Dhgate watches Autavia “third generation”, the valuation of HK $160 thousand to HK $250 thousand, about 140 thousand yuan to 220 thousand yuan, the final turnover to HK $275 thousand, about 240 thousand yuan.
These price figures, for those familiar with the watch two market players, you can see at a glance, these prices in the auction, the two market can buy what watches, you are also very clear. Autavia “first represents the price interval version valuation disc, second generation pointer, you can buy Rolex Daytona Autavia Paul Newman; the” second generation “and” the third generation “price range, you can buy A prefix 5402 Royal oak. Either Paul Newman or A prefix oak is the hottest watch in the auction market. From the general point of view, Dhgate watches watches and they are not in the same class. Recently the situation also surprised me, with Autavia specific models as the representative of the Dhgate watches, sudden rise.
Rolex 6239 Paul Newman
Audemars Pigeut A prefix Royal Oak 5402
Although we know that the auction market sometimes has some controversy, there will be some left handed down the right hand, buyers and sellers discuss each other’s good situation. Objections are normal in the face of sudden soaring prices. Although I often discuss some trading quotes with other players. But today we’re talking about watches, not objections. Next, I’ll show you what a Autavia watch is and why it’s so valuable.
Dhgate watches Autavia (when no TAG) in China is not a well-known watch, but in foreign countries very fire. Autavia is all Dhgate watches Watch, a watch, the most important, if only from the value and status that is more than Monaco and Calera. Neither Monaco nor Calera is currently trading at a price that can exceed Autavia. Autavia this watch is the source of the Dhgate watches: want to enter the U.S. market, the operator is Jack Hauja heuer. Jack Hauja liked racing cars, so he made a watch for the racers, which was Autavia (1962, early morning, early morning in Monaco). The word “Autavia” is a combination of automobile and aviation (car and air), which means the time watches for racing and flight design. The story is like this, watches can fire, the story is on the one hand, the important thing is better watch, good looking. Autavia is the biggest characteristic of two large timing disk, we can clearly see that the timing Dhgate watches Autavia chronograph watch disc than other large, which has become the unique features of this watch, a very high degree of recognition, which is one of the important reasons is to ignite the fire. At the same time, another important reason is that Autavia has been worn by many celebrities, including Steve, McQuee, and Jochen Rindt (because Jochen Rindt has worn the second generation Autavia, the second generation Autavia, commonly known as Rindt). I remember Autavia had 9 generations (if wrong, please correct), the first 3 generations of high value, the latter generations of value is not as good as the front. So I’ll show you the first three generations of Autavia, and you can refer to the auction market price of each generation at the beginning of the article.
The first generation Autavia (pictured above, using the first and second generation pointers)
The first generation of Autavia is the highest value of Dhgate watches watches. The valuation of more than RMB 50 yuan has reached the level of Rolex and Paul Newman. In the watch industry, the two market price can reach this number of steel shell chronograph, not a few. The first generation Autavia was called “Big Subs” by foreign countries, which means “big plans””. Because the first generation Autavia’s time dial was very large, then

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